Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Solomon Islands economy

GDP (December 2007): $270 million.
Annual growth rate (December 2007): 10%.
Per capita income (2005): $474.
Avg. inflation rate (2008): 15%.
Natural resources: Forests, fish, agricultural land, marine products, gold.
Agriculture: Products--copra, cocoa, palm oil, palm kernels and subsistence crops of yams, taro, bananas, pineapple.
Industry: Types--fish canning, sawmilling, boats, rattan and wood furniture, fiberglass products, shell jewelry, tobacco, beer, clothing, soap, nails, handicrafts.
Trade (December 2007): Exports--$432 million: timber, fish, cocoa, copra, palm oil. Major markets--China 28.2%, South Korea 15.7%, Thailand 15.7%, Japan 9.7%, Philippines 5.1%, Vietnam 3.1%. Imports--$614 million: mineral fuels, food, machinery and transport equipment, and basic manufactures. Major suppliers--Australia 25.3%, Singapore 23.8%, New Zealand 5.3%, India 4.8%, Japan 3.9%.
Average exchange rate (2008): U.S. $1 = SBD 7.63.

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